Advanced Light Therapy

Advanced LED Light Therapy Revitalight® is a procedure that converts light energy into cell energy reducing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening the skin.40 minute treatments are very effective in improving the face, neck, chest, and hands. The light dilates the blood vessels to increase blood flow which then carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin, stimulating collagen production. It uses the same amount of energy as lasers and IPL (Intense Pulse Light). However, this technique is non-evasive with no downtime. Nothing ages us more than age spots – so let’s zap them!

Order 6 Advanced LED Light Therapy Treatments for $300 and the 7th treatment is FREE.

6- 8 treatments are suggested for maximum benefit.

Blue Light-Clears Acne

Yellow Light- Reduces Pain

Red Light-Rejuvenates Skin, Anti Aging

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